Hearing Screenings

The Growing Problem

Northwest Health Care Associates recognizes that hearing loss is a growing and often undetected problem in today’s society. The National Institutes of Health stated in a recent study that Americans diagnosed with hearing loss are expected to double by 2060.  It is estimated that 80% of patients with Hearing Loss are undiagnosed and untreated; 40% of patients above 65 years have Hearing Loss and this increases to 80% at 80 years old. The largest risk factor for the alarming increase is the use of headphones and earbuds with loud music.

Furthermore, Medicare now mandates that patients above the age of 65 be screened for hearing and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) suggests tri-annual screening beginning at age 50.

Loss of Hearing negatively affects quality of life and can also be a precursor to other medical conditions including

  • Clinical Depression
  • Acceleration of the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms
  • Social isolation, fear, and various phobias
  • Anger management and numerous psychosocial relationship difficulties
  • Employability and earning power


What we are Doing to Help

Northwest Health Care Associates has partnered with Audinix to perform comprehensive audiometric hearing evaluations (ie, hearing tests). This test includes both air and bone conduction testing. These tests are scheduled by our staff in our office and are free of charge. We do not bill our patient or their  insurance for the test.

In the event the hearing test identifies a deficiency, a hearing aid instrument specialist will work with our patient on options for hearing aids. Northwest Health Care Associates sells top of the line hearing aids to our patients at rates far competitive to other retail merchants. The hearing aids are fitted at our office as well. We also offer financing through Wells Fargo to help defray payments. The application and approval only takes a few minutes.

Our goal with this program is to reduce hearing loss before it become too late to correct and ultimately to make a difference in our patients’ lives.

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