Medical Imaging Center of Hoffman Estates, IL provides a variety of high quality medical and diagnostic imaging services at a fraction of hospital costs including open field MRI, CT scan, Nuclear Medicine, stress testing, EKG, Ultrasound, whole body scan, and X-ray–a wide range of radiology services.

Call our office at 847-310-8378 to schedule same-day appointment and results to your doctor within 24 hours of the test. Doctor referral letter required outlining desired test.

All tests are monitored and interpreted by board certified technologists or radiologists.


Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is a “high-tech” system using high strength magnetic fields, radio waves, and computers to derive series of detailed two dimensional “slice” images.

Due to its revolutionary open design, this high-quality, state-of-the art imaging equipment gives even larger or claustrophobic patients better access to testing. Our patients benefit from improved comfort because the equipment is open. The 0.7 Tesla HIGH FIELD strength gives a higher quality image too!

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CT Scan

Medical Imaging Center is proud to offer the state-of-the-art multi-slice spiral CT Technology.

This imaging allows the radiologist to look at different levels of the body “slice by slice.” The results from this rapid and painless scan can offer you peace of mind for a healthy future.

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Cardiac Stress Tests

Medical Imaging Center offers a variety of diagnostic stress tests for the heart.

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Stress Testing is a non-invasive procedure that allows for the imaging of blood flow in and through the heart. This frequently performed test helps your physician evaluate your heart’s fitness and screen for possible heart blockages.

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Ultrasound is a noninvasive imaging technique that allows a physician to see inside the body. This painless procedure relies on the computer assisted processing of high frequency sound waves produced by a transducer. It requires no radiation. Our highly trained technologists perform these important diagnostic procedures.

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An echocardiogram, often called “echo,” is a graphic outline of the heart’s movement. During this test, ultrasound waves provide pictures of the heart’s valves and chambers. This important test allows us to evaluate the pumping action of the heart and make sure your heart is working properly. It is an effective tool that can be used to follow the progress of heart valve disease over time and also to evaluate the effectiveness of medical or surgical treatments performed on the heart.

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We also offer Vascular Studies, Bone Density Testing, Neurological Testing, Wellness Testing, and Digital X-rays.

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