Digital X-ray Service: Low Cost and Convenient


Medical Imaging Center (847-310-8378) of Hoffman Estates (see location) offers low cost, high quality digital X-ray in quarters ensuring privacy and comfort.

And our prices are typically solow that compared to what hospitals charge, our X-rays’s are cheap–yet at the same or better quality.

Health Insurance … or Lowest Cash Price

We can administrate using all health insurance providers, or for patients with high deductibles or no health insurance coverage, we offer a lowest-on-the-market cash price of $75 per x-ray.

Same Day Service

Service is offered the same day appointments are made. Supervising doctors must provide a letter of referral prescribing instructions for each patient before an X-ray will be administered.

Our board certified technicians and radiologists ensure accuracy and professionalism in administering the test and reading results. Results are faxed to your doctor in 24 hours or less from test completion. X-rays images of the head, chest, neck, shoulder, hand, wrist, elbow, spine, pelvic or abdominal area, knee, and foot are all possibilities whether a problem is due to a sports injury, accident, illness, or other reason like a routine exam.

Call 847-310-8378 to speak with our friendly receptionist.

–John Loebel, RT(N) and Dr Gregory Goldstein, MD

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