Prescription Refills

Prescription refills (including pain medications) are provided during office hours only. If you are currently taking a medication and would like to request a refill, please call your pharmacy directly. They will fax your request to our office. If your refill request is approved by the doctor, it will be faxed or called to your pharmacy within 48 hours (of the time that we receive the request from the pharmacy). All refill requests received over the weekend will be handled by Tuesday. If your refill is not approved, you will receive a call from one of our nurses. Please pay attention to the number of refills remaining on your prescription(s) and the amount left in the bottle. Typically, being out of refills of chronic medication indicates that you are due for an office visit with your physician.

If you need to talk with our nursing staff prior to having a medication refilled, please leave a message on our Prescription Refill Line and you should receive a return call within 48 hours. Please provide all pertinent information including: name of medication, any questions or changes you are requesting, as well as the pharmacy name, address, and phone number. If our clinical practice guidelines or the physician notes in your medical record indicate that you are due for an office visit with your physician or follow-up visit, your will need to schedule the visit prior to any prescription refills being authorized.

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