Primary Care

The Primary Care Physicians at Northwest Health Care Associates are comprised of both Internal Medicine Physicians as well as Family Practice physicians. They provide patients with trusted advice and consultation, and pride themselves on their accessibility and dedicated patient relationships.

Our Primary Care Physicians diagnose and treat chronic (long-term) and acute (short-term) illnesses. They also provide preventive care, annual physicals, health risk-assessments, screening tests and personalized counseling.

Treatment of patients through the continuum of care is an important philosophy that our physicians hold dear. If your care requires a hospital stay, our physicians treat you in the hospital as well. They don’t transfer your care to another group during your hospital stay and back to our group when you are well. In addition, when patients are at the senior stages of their life requiring a higher level of care, most of our doctors see patients in skilled nursing facilities.

At Northwest Health Care Associates, medicine is not only our passion, but our commitment.

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