When your care becomes complicated and requires the services of a specialist, Northwest Health Care Associates is the place to be. With over 20 specialists on staff we are here to help. Our specialties include:

Cardiology – disorders of the heart and vascular system
Gastroenterology – disorders of the stomach and intestines
Pulmonology – disorders of the respiratory tract
Nephrology – disorders of the kidneys
Urology – disorders of the urinary system
Orthopedics – disorders of the skeletal system

Our clinic supports one medical record for all of primary care and specialty. This not only avoids unnecessary duplication of tests and missing medical information, but allows the highest level of comprehensive care by a dedicated team.

In addition to primary care and specialty physicians, we also perform the following tests onsite:

Nuclear Stress Tests
Cardiac Ultrasounds
Pill Cams
Hemorrhoid Ligation
Bladder Scans
Pacemaker Checks
G Tube Changes
Botox and Juvederm
Radiology Services

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